About Us

My name is Anthony Gigante I’ve started this website to begin my future in podcasting. I will be launching on Monday, November 6th. The theme behind the podcast is to bring out "that rare feeling" in all of us. Being genuine, shooting the shit, past experiences that may not relate to my guests background, inspiring others, and everything that can possibly fit in between. There are no limits to this podcast, we will host guests from all walks of life from, science and finance entrepenuers to music and artist aficionados. I’d like to give people a platform to not only promote their brand or tell stories but to also understand who we are as people. I came up with the idea to start this podcast because the inner monologue is just as important as the one people voice everyday, in fact most of those conversations are never finished. This podcast gives us the ability to speak those thoughts freely, get to the basis of what we want or whatever in may be. If youve stuck around to read everything that I’ve just wrote, first off I appreciate you and second the Podcast will be a lot more interesting than me writing some shit down trying to figure out how the hell do I write a post on my OWN website and at the same time even set it up lol. But bare with me FEELERs (thinking of calling my listeners that lol) everything will come together before you (and I) know it. PEACE